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Mize - 9 Julio 14:36

Sonrisa perfecta, una escort elegante, implicada y al mismo tiempo natural, cariñosa, con cara de niña buena... pero con unas curvas que te harán subi

Lyndsay - 7 Diciembre 18:23

Сьюзан опустилась на стул. She stopped to take a breath and said, "I know somewhere much more private.

Michal - 17 Mayo 12:27

That's small cock for fuck

Orick - 22 Noviembre 05:40

I have never seen tampons with applicators my wife doesn't use them and I also haven't seen them at all in stores here in Austria. I noticed them first whilst emergency tampon shopping with my wife in the UK. What are the benefits of those applicators? I mean, obviously it can be done without them and they add extra cost to the production and extra waste to be disposed. Is it a cultural thing, that some countries or regions think of the vulva as dirty and thus makes tampons so that you don't have to touch it?

Yasuko - 11 Noviembre 04:59

I luv sexy ladies feet up in the air just makes a boy wanna kiss there sexy toes wow

Dell - 26 Augusto 11:35

I see a bitch getting fucked but no wedding ring fucking no good

Schaberg - 27 Marzo 18:23

This can *really screw with you if you've already got issues with anxiety. When you have an anxiety disorder, a low-level claxon is constantly ringing in your brain, no matter what you're doing, if you don't learn to tune it out you can't function like a normal person. When it does start to blare for real, you're genuinely unsure whether you're in trouble or not. You think to yourself, Maybe I'm over-reacting again for nothing, just like I do all day, every day, you don't get out in time.

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